• vk5dg

    Keith Roget Memorial National Park Award

    David Giles VK5DG/3 has successfully claimed the first KRMNPA “Merit Award with Satellite Endorsement”. Commencing his satellite activations of eligible VK3 National Parks in 2011, David gradually increased his satellite activations to 25 Parks in 2018 and...
  • Homebrew Construction Group - March 7th

    The next meeting of the Homebrew Construction Group will take place on Saturday, 7th March at 2.00pm. The venue will be the Amateur Radio Victoria rooms at 40g Victory Blvd., Ashburton. Visit the Homebrew Group page for monthly meeting dates and newsletters...
  • Foundation

    Get your Foundation licence

    The Foundation Licence syllabus is thorough covering the essential basics of electronics, radio communications, several safety aspects, and the regulations. Candidates undergo a practical test on the band plans, regulations, symbols, antennas, then a hands-on...
  • An end fed half wave antenna

    An end fed half wave antenna

    An end fed half wave antenna with built in counterpoise. From Youtube
  • VK3WI ILLW 20018

    ILLW Cards on the way

    VK3WI QSL Cards for the event are now on the way (via the VK3 Bureau) to all who made it “in the Log”. Amateur Radio Victoria participated in the 2018 International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW) which was held across the weekend of August 18-19....
  • arv-logo

    The hidden costs of amateur repeaters

    From time to time we hear about the funding difficulties experienced by clubs who run a repeater often not for the benefit of their own members, but for the wider amateur radio community. In New South Wales the Lands Department is continuing on its campaign...
  • arv-logo

    Repeater Updates

    ARV volunteers recently added a new APRS beacon to the Victorian network. VK3RHO is now running on the summit of Mt Hotham and is fully operational in time for the coming winter snow season. This will be a valuable addition to the network expanding the...
  • VK3RTV Olinda site closed

    After more than 30 years, VK3RTV has closed operations at Olinda. The tower has been removed and the site de-commissioned. Experiments have begun from Surrey Hills with encouraging reports, particularly towards the west although test transmissions have been...
  • Homebrew magnetic loop

    Those particularly short on room can make their own antenna that covers the 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m bands. The loop part is a single 3 metre length of 22mm copper tube cut into 4 pieces and joined with 90 degree elbows. A few constructing skills using a...
  • sputnik

    A Sputnik transmitter recreated

    A transmitter of the type that was on board Sputnik 1 when it became the world’s first artificial satellite, and started the space race, has been recreated by Dutch radio amateur. The 58 cm polished metal sphere broadcast radio pulses that were heard as it...
  • Successful ILLW weekend

    Amateur Radio Victoria VK3WI again took part in the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend at the Timeball Tower in Williamstown. The main operator was Tony Hambling VK3VTH, who not only organised the Park Victoria permit but brought the needed...
  • Mobile phone booster on sale

    Despite the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) banning the operation, supply and possession of mobile phone boosters, a keen eyed radio amateur has spotted a suspect item on sale at a second-hand outlet. The ACMA prohibition is due to...
  • Tin can WiFi booster

    To extend the range of wireless devices the do-your-self tin can option fitted with the necessary components is the way to go. The DIY cheap option to increase the distance of WiFi is catching on. Heart of the antenna is a food, juice or other similar round...


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