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2017 WIA Director elections

Nominations for the WIA Board of Directors which closed on the 31st January have been announced by Postal Ballot Returning Officer John Marshall.

This election there are thirteen nominations with seven positions available on the board.

The nominations received where:
James Linton - VK3PC
Ewan McLeod - VK4ERM *
Marcus Berglund - VK5WTF
David Ford - VK5WP
Brian Clarke - VK2GCE
John Fisher - VK3DQ
Fred Swainston - VK4FE *
Garry Page - VK3ZGP
Peter Clee - VK8ZZ
Justin Giles Clark - VK7TW
Philip Wait - VK2ASD *
Roger Harrison - VK2ZRH *
Gregory Kelly - VK2GPK

* Retiring Director and eligible for re-election

“It is a pleasure to see such a large field of candidates”, said John.

Ballot papers must be received before closes of business 3rd April 2017.

There are a number of current WIA directors seeking re-election.

Read John’s full post at -
To view the current WIA Board of Directors -

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