The next AMSAT satellite Fox-1 is due for launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.

 The reality television series called ‘Ice Road Truckers’ has exploits of trucks on unmade and extremely treacherous the roads in the Yuk

The National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) has its Cube Quest Challenge underway.

A transmitter of the type that was on board Sputnik 1 when it became the world’s first artificial satellite, and started the space race,

A much awaited FM satellite the Fox-1A CubeSat is soon to be launched and promises to be easily assessed by hand-held radios with simple

The first Greek CubeSat which is called Lambda-Sat is transmitting on UHF and the developers welcome reception reports.

Following the successful use of Ham TV by the International Space Station (ARISS) program that began in Italy to get real-time video as w

A disc of flexible electronics including a transceiver, antenna and solar cells may be launched from a CubeSat.

The 2014 AMSAT Space Symposium in Baltimore USA has called for ideas based on the successful CubeSat platform.

The launch today was a Lunar mission craft from China has a payload including Amateur Radio, transmitting on 145.990 MHz using the JT65B

After a decade of excellent service AMSAT-India’s satellite VO-52 stopped after its onboard lithium-ion batteries reached the end of thei

Belgium, Brazil, England, Estonia, Italy, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, the Uruguay are among the amateur satellites to be launch

A geostationary satellite in a fixed place with two transponders is planned to be launched in late 2016.

The International Space Station has run tests of its new HamTV which transmits on 2422.0 MHz and received by ground stations.

The comet-chasing Rosetta spacecraft was awoken last week from a 31-month sleep by European Space Authority (ESA) controllers and a group


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