Classes induct new hams


On a regular basis Amateur Radio Victoria holds training sessions for the Foundation Licence, and at least one Standard Bridging Course for those wanting to upgrade to the Standard Licence.

Experienced instructor Kevin Luxford VK3DAP/ZL2DAP had about 40 Foundation Licence candidates through his session, which is topped off by Barry Robinson VK3PV covering the practical test training. There are two parts for this entry-level licence, a theory and regulator paper, and a hands-on practical test.

Kevin VK3DAP/ZL2DAP also did the multi-week Standard Bridging Course in October attended by seven people who had already qualified with the Foundation Licence. The weekends throughout 2017 also saw 11 regulation assessments, nine at the Standard level and three Advanced.

Among the three grades of licence there were six candidates found not to competent, but with a little more study achieved a competency and are now on air.


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