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Foundation Training & Assessment

Amateur Radio Victoria resumes its popular Foundation Licence course on April 22nd and 23rd. Do you know someone who could join the quality class and be a radio amateur in 2017?

The Foundation Licence syllabus is thorough covering the essential basics of electronics, radio communications, several safety aspects, and the regulations. They also undergo a practical test on the band plans, regulations, symbols, antennas, then a hands-on ability with a typical radio station, engaging in its set up, testing or power and SWR, on-air use preparation, calling CQ and making contacts.

There is a lot to learn through the training with candidates expected to prepare by reading the updated Foundation Licence Manual available on mail order for $35 from our shop.

The course is held at the Amateur Radio Victoria office 40G Victory Boulevard, Ashburton.
Contact Barry Robinson VK3PV Education manager or phone: 0428 516 001.