Great days at ILLW

Amateur Radio Victoria VK3WI, with four main operators, activated the Time Ball Tower in Williamstown again this year and has done so each year since 2005.

Normally the weather is not very kind to us being the middle of winter but this weekend was the exception to the rule. The skies were clear and sunny with the temperature being about 6 degrees above average with little or no wind which was just perfect.

The HF transceiver was a Kenwood TS2000 running 100 watts. The antennae set up consisted of separate 40 metre and 80 metre inverted vee's slung from the Time Ball Tower and a ground mounted 5 band vertical.

Two Yaesu transceivers covered both the 2 metre and 70 centimetre bands.

The noise floor is quite considerable at this location and sometimes can be as high as 10 db over S9 on 80 metres and an S8 on 40 metres but with perseverance we still managed to log about 220 contacts Australia wide, some DX and 30 lighthouses.

All those who attended deemed this year one of, if not the best.

Amateur Radio Victoria will participate in the ILLW next year by activating the Time Ball Tower again.


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