Recent amateur licence statistics reveal a small growth over the past year, restoring licensee numbers close to where we were over a deca

Lack of growth in radio amateur numbers, and how to make Amateur Radio attractive and relevant to young people, is very much on the minds

The world’s first satellite Sputnik 1 was launched on October 4, 1957, by the then Soviet Union that heralded it as a national triumph, a


Australis Oscar 5was built in 1966, then sent to the USA for launch, but unfortunately this did not take place until January 1970 on a De

The IARU Region 1 General Conference in Landshut Germany is discussing our future, with the doomsayers, or maybe it’s the realists, who t

The Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club of San Bernardino, California, is hosting the 18th annual 'Route 66 On The Air' special event Septembe

It has been in the headlines daily of late, but the annual 'DXCC Most Wanted' list by ClubLog puts the Democratic People’s Republic of Ko

A police chase after an attempted armed robbery in Gippsland eastern Victoria was almost abandoned when a rogue transmission attempted to

Over a million Scouts and Girl Guides in 150 plus countries are getting ready for the 60th Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) and the 21st Jambor

The important role of radio amateurs in the WWII effort has been highlighted by the Royal Australian Airforce when it recorded the format

The commemorative around the world flight by pilot Brian Lloyd WB6RQN crossed the Pacific Ocean, landing first at Pago Pago in American S

The commemorative around the world flight marking the 80 years since the disappearance of aviator Amelia Earhart has landed in Pago Pago

The Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse VO1OK, in Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland Canada, is the milestone 300 registration in this year’s

A test over New Zealand’s north island by the light aircraft on the Project Amelia Earhart flight put an earlier problem down to an airlo

The Project Amelia Earhart flight had a troublesome fuel pump causing its return to Hamilton New Zealand.


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