I can do that radio amateur spirit

 The reality television series called ‘Ice Road Truckers’ has exploits of trucks on unmade and extremely treacherous the roads in the Yukon and Northwest Territories of Canada.

Gabriel Zeifman VE6NJH thought it was the way to activate some rare grid squares in the Arctic on amateur satellites. The recently qualified radio amateur from Oklahoma in the US (NJ7H) has tried the ice roads using a four wheel drive Subaru XV Crosstrek.

He has already put on air areas normally impossible to reach with a very low or non-existent population. In the harsh Arctic environment the vehicle has an engine block heater, tyre chains and a first aid kit, but so far has not needed them. There is also food, water, stoves, sleeping bags, and emergency satellite beacons.

Carbon monoxide detector alarms are ready should they be needed while he sleeps in the running vehicle that has extra fuel capacity. Gabriel VE6NJH hopes to be an air traffic controller, with his sight on canoeing in Alaska and Canada to access even more remote areas.


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