Internet inventor wants changes

The man credited with starting the World Wide Web or Internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, wants changes so it does not become more of a surveillance tool and purveyor of ‘fake-news’.

Speaking on the 28th anniversary of the WWW he has talked of the rise of ‘fake news’ and how the social media has distorted reality. The ‘fake news’ appeals to biases and can spread like wildfire for political or financial gain.

Now the director of the World Wide Web Consortium which oversees its continued development, he wrote that many people get their news by clicking on misinformation or ‘fake news’ spread for financial or political gain.

Equality he believes we have lost control of personal data. Some users might not understand that they are handing over their data which is collected, monitored and sold off. Sir Tim urged citizens to call for greater laws protecting their rights online and that Google and Facebook should increase efforts to tackle ‘fake news’.


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