KRMNPA plaque winners

This popular award that began 45-years ago have just been enhanced with personal plaques for the higher achievers. They used the ANZAC long weekend to qualify.

The rules now have “Merit plaques” available for those who either work from, work to, all 45 National Parks. A third plaque called the "Grand Slam" is for those who both have worked from and also to, all National Parks.

First to claim a "Worked all 45" Merit plaque is Peter Freeman VK3PF, in a contact with John Dawes VK5BJE portable 3 at Errinundra National Park.

VK3PF was a mere 45 minutes quicker than his rival Peter Fraser VK3ZPF who is the second to get the “worked all” Merit plaque.

However Peter VK3ZPF in working Tony Hambling VK3VTH from Little Desert National Park capped off all 45 worked from, and to, and qualified for the “Grand Slam” plaque on the Saturday April 26.

Then Peter Freeman VK3PF with the “Merit plaque” secure went to French Island National Park a day later on Sunday April 27, to complete his “Grand Slam” plaque of 45 Activated and Worked.

Just to recap, Peter Freeman VK3PF has the 1st Merit plaque, but Peter Fraser VK3ZPF has the 1st Grand Slam plaque. Both vowed to continue operating portable and give others the chance to get qualified contacts.


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