Now the ever-lasting light

A battle exists between light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and compact fluorescents in the United States with incandescent light bulbs for households being outlawed by 2014 under the Energy Independence and Security Act.

The industry hopes for a win by the LED, which is like efficient compact fluorescents, but without the harsh light, breakage and disposal problems.

The 3M LED Advanced is a new product available that its maker claims will last at least 25 years. It is a 60W equivalent light bulb run on LEDs and not heated or charged fluorescent gas.

The Advanced Light heavier than an incandescent, but turns on instantly, works well with dimmer switches, and depending on what model you get has either a soft white or cool white light.

The plug and play light which costs $US25 is available through the Internet and does not yet appear available in Australia.


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