Old bus shows off Amateur Radio to young people

Media coverage of teenagers and Amateur Radio has been scored by the work of Tony Falla VK3KKP who caught the attention of ABC Central in Victoria. A story headed “Youth take up Amateur Radio from inside central Victorian bus in the bush”, comes from ABC reporter Larissa Romensky. She spent some time speaking to and photographing Tony VK3KKP and members of the Castlemaine Venture Scouts.

In an old converted bus the young people learnt more of magic of radio and what the hobby could do. Speaking to France and New Zealand were among some of the highlights. Also they were told of school contacts with the International Space Station, and emergency communications provided by radio amateurs in times of disasters – all shared with the ABC reporter.

The lifelong enthusiast and computer professional believes it is important to teach the younger generation Amateur Radio skills, because the digital age relies the Internet, while Amateur Radio is resilient.

Tony VK3KKP is known for his monthly newsletter which generates and recognizes club activity in the area and exposes it at a wider audience. Earlier he led the Amateur Radio activities at the old Central Victorian Telegraph Station for four days ending on Melbourne Cup Day 2015.

The ABC Central news item is at: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-02-17/youth-take-up-amateur-radio-from-i...


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