Victorian Local Government Award 2017 Challenge results


The overall Winner of the 2017 LGA Challenge was Peter Freeman VK3PF who put in an outstanding effort to Activate and Work all 79 Victorian Local Government Areas.

This is a fantastic achievement that took Peter much pre planning and dedication to the task.

Peter commenced his activation challenge on January 1 2017 and had activated all 79 LGA’s, concluding with a busy day’s activities, on April 3 2017. During this time Peter mixed various SOTA and WWFF activations to make the best of the distances travelled. Peter’s successful hunting was done from both Portable and Home locations and the 79th LGA worked was happily achieved on April 21 2017.

Well done to Peter.

This is the Grand Slam! 79 activated and 79 worked.


2017 Challenge Activator Logs were received from 3 other Portable Operators:
Nicholas Lock VK3ANL 25 VK3 LGA Activated
Tony Hambling VK3XV 24 VK3 LGA Activated
Peter Fraser VK3ZPF 10 VK3 LGA Activated

2017 Challenge Hunter Logs were received from 6 other Operators:
Alex McDonald VK4TE 59 VK3 LGA Worked
Nicholas Lock VK3ANL 57 VK3 LGA Worked
Adrian Addison VK5FANA 53 VK3 LGA Worked
Tony Hambling VK3XV 39 VK3 LGA Worked
Brett Churchyard VK2VW 14 VK3 LGA Worked
Peter Fraser VK3ZPF 9 VK3 LGA Worked

Amateur Radio Victoria congratulates and thanks all participants in the 2017 Challenge.


Tony Hambling
Awards Manager


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