Victorian National Parks registrations

The 6th annual Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award activation period is now just a month away. This 4-day period is designed to assist Park Hunters and Activators gain valuable contacts as they work toward their certificate or an ultimate award.

The National Park Merit is achieved when a Hunter or Activator logs all 45 on the list. The Grand Slam Award is the final stage in the Keith Roget Memorial Award program, requiring both activating and working all 45 Parks.

It is a difficult, but rewarding task given the diversity and spread across all regions of Victoria. Several grand slams have been issued. Currently 25 of Victoria National Parks are registered by operators from VK2, VK3 and VK5.

A number can’t wait to hear the Activators from Friday November 10 through to Monday November 13 – including an active shortwave listener chasing National Parks for the log. For all award details and rules visit the Award section of this website.


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