VK3RTV - on-air test

VK3RTV filter

On Thursday 24th May, VK3RTV will be on air from a site in Surrey Hills, for a week.

The repeater has changed frequency to 445.5MHz in accordance with the latest WIA Band Plan. This places the edge of the ATV Band on 70cm at 449 MHz. 449-450MHz will be a guard band and can be used for point to point repeater links.

Operations in the metropolitan area requires a much tighter control of out of band products. This is extremely difficult to achieve with amateur linear amplifiers even running at a de-rated power level.

Amateur Radio Victoria in partnership with the Eastern and Mountain Districts Radio Club sponsored a commercial DVB-T filter from Comm Tech in Italy. Tests have been held by Peter VK3BFG from his home QTH to enable ATV Operators to re-tune their set top boxes and the filter works very well.

VK3RTV had to close its operations at Olinda on Mount Dandenong after more than thirty years of continuous operation. The site is now de-commissioned and the tower removed.


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