VK3RTV Olinda site closed

After more than 30 years, VK3RTV has closed operations at Olinda. The tower has been removed and the site de-commissioned.

Experiments have begun from Surrey Hills with encouraging reports, particularly towards the west although test transmissions have been seen in Wantirna South to the east.

VK3RTV had an output on 446.5 Mhz, but will be moved down to 445.6 Mhz to provide a guard band from 449 – 450 Mhz in an attempt to reduce out of band emissions.

There are two test sites under consideration, one at Surrey Hills and the other at Mount View, Mount Waverley. Perhaps both sites may be employed in the future or only one that provides the best service.

Being in the metropolitan area, the coverage will not be as good as from the Olinda site. Unfortunately sites on Mount Dandenong are at a premium and we do not seem to have the same support for community projects as we did in the past.

We are currently trying to source a DVB-T, 7mHz bandpass filter. If anyone can assist, please contact ATV manager

Peter VK3BFG


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