Winner of dual awards

Two Local Government Awards have gone to Peter Freeman VK3PF for having worked from, and also to, 40 municipalities, under the rules of this Amateur Radio Victoria achievement award.

Peter VK3PF has qualified for the two award certificates, and now has them sitting alongside his recent Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award ‘Grand Slam’ plaques.

The avid portable operator enjoys chasing awards, and is the first to win both of the Local Government Awards. No doubt the battle is on to be the first having worked all current 79 shires, cities, rural cities and a borough.

Let's hope this happens before a decision is made that Sunbury is to be a new municipality and lifting the bar to 80. Under the rules VK3 need 40 different Victorian municipalities, other VK stations 30, and DX qualify with 20 municipalities.

Full rules and a lot more information is available under the Awards tag on the Amateur Radio Victoria website.


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