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As the licensee for the majority of VK3 repeaters, our yearly spend is approximately $20,000 for equipment maintenance, insurance, site fees and licences.

QSL bureau

The VK3 Bureau is one of Australia's most efficient, with a separate operation for incoming and outgoing cards.

Deceased estates

A service provided to relatives of radio amateurs who are unable to continue with the hobby. We evaluate equipment and provide disposal advice.

WIA broadcast

Relayed in VK3 on the VK3BWI network every Sunday 10.30am and 8pm. 80m - 3615kHz, 40m - 7158kHz, 10.130, VK3RML 146.700, VK3RMM 147.250, VK3RMU 439.800 and VK3RBO ATV repeater.


Upcoming events, latest news and sales of selected disposal/deceased estate equipment delivered to your inbox.

RFI, EMR mast advice

Advice on combating RFI problems, EMR compliance and Victorian local council (LGA) mast approvals.

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$30 Full, $25 Concession for 2 years

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