Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award

National Parks Award
National Parks Award

The aim is to encourage and recognise portable operation in Victoria's 45 National Parks, and the logging of contacts with those in the parks. The rules are available below include how to qualify for certificates, and the ultimate recognition of 'all parks plaques' that are issued.

A driving force behind this award which dates back to the 1970s is the late Keith Roget VK3YQ (sk), himself a portable operator, and notable figure in WIA Victoria and the federal arena. His widow Jean agreed in the 1980s that it was fitting to rename the award in his memory.

Parks Victoria has assisted with this award and supports the Amateur Radio activity it brings to its parks. At all times please follow the guidelines and instructions of its staff.

Award rules
Log sheets
National Parks list updated June 2017
Award history

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Parks magazine reported on the KRMNPA in September 1987
Historic map showing some National Parks

Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award group
The article has some history and what was then required under the Award. Thanks to Warren Brown VK3BYD who provided us the article.


Victorian Local Government Award

Victorian Local Government Award

This operating award has been initiated by Amateur Radio Victoria to encourage on air activity based on communicating with and between the 79 local government areas in the State of Victoria, Australia.

Rules and Requirements

Valid Contacts

  1. A radio amateur must be identifiable within a municipality, usually by their announcement during a QSO (see list)
  2. Contacts on or after 10 July 2008 are valid for this award
  3. Repeater, IRLP or Echolink contacts are not valid for this award

To qualify for the award the following contacts are required

  1. VK3 stations with 40 different municipalities
  2. Other VK stations with 30 different municipalities
  3. DX stations with 20 different municipalities

LGA areas
Log sheets

An endorsement is available for those who achieve all 79 municipalities. Requests for mode, QSP or other endorsements should be referred to the Awards Manager.

History note
The start of local government in Victoria in 1841 occurred while it was one of the six British colonies, well in advance of the proclamation of the Federation of Australia as a Commonwealth in 1901. In the 1850s and 1860s, encouraged by generous subsidies, local government entities were established to provide local services, achieve community representation and to levy rates.

The 1980s saw strong concerns about the inefficiency of 210 local government areas, a new reform-driven state government, and an economic downturn, amalgamations of groups of them occurred resulting in a reduction to 79 today.

Submission for Awards

  • LGA A log extract or copy of the log showing all claimed contacts, station worked callsign, date, time, band, mode and each municipality by its name or number on the award list
  • KRMPNA A log extract or copy of the log showing all claimed contacts, Including National Parks activated or National Park worked including Call Sign , date, time, band, mode
  • The cost of the award is $5, to cover postage and costs - purchase awards from Shop
  • Only PDF or TXT attachments are acceptable via email

Send to:
Awards Manager
Amateur Radio Victoria
40g Victory Boulevard
Ashburton, Victoria 3147

Or via email: awards[at]

At the Awards Manager discretion cross-checking and other validity checks will be carried out on award submissions.


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